9606 Capital's Innovative Investment Approach: Revolutionizing Construction to Benefit People and the Planet

We add value at every step of the process

We help sellers exit with dignity and a plan

We add value and give the property a new life and a purpose

We enable companies providing logistics and onshoring to have access to hard-to-find places

⁠We create a portfolio of properties that is diversified by location and credit

A recently built extraspace storage building  that a


9606 Capital's Innovative Investment Approach: Building for the Present and Future

We help sellers exit with dignity and a plan
We add value and give the property a new life and a purpose
We enable companies providing logistics and onshoring to have access to hard-to-find places
We create a portfolio of properties that is diversified by location and credit

At 9606 Capital, we extend our construction philosophy beyond traditional practices, focusing on enhancing community welfare and preserving the environment. Our mission is to transform construction challenges into opportunities for sustainable growth and broad societal benefits. This commitment shines through in our projects, such as the 100,600-square-foot self-storage facility in North Arlington, which is a testament to our dedication to creating substantial positive impacts.

A Creative & Sustainable Solution

Innovative Solutions to Environmental and Community Challenges

We encountered significant challenges at the North Arlington site, including environmental contamination and an aging structure laden with hazardous materials. Despite these obstacles, we persisted. With a remediation budget of $2 million out of a total of $17.2 million, we crafted a unique strategy. We repurposed demolished materials for backfill and safely encapsulated contaminated soil onsite, thereby preventing landfill waste and safeguarding community health. This method showcased our commitment to environmental stewardship, reduced costs, and minimized disruption to the community.

Community-Focused Builder

Strengthening Community Ties Through Thoughtful Investments

Our engagement with the community goes beyond construction; we proactively address their needs to enhance the impact of our projects. For example, recognizing the critical water supply issues faced by local businesses, especially Paul, a monument maker struggling for over 15 years, we adapted our project’s infrastructure improvements to include better water access. This action solved a long-standing problem and strengthened local business operations, deepening community connections and reaffirming our commitment to building resilient, interconnected communities.

Through these efforts, 9606 Capital demonstrates a forward-thinking investment strategy that utilizes innovative construction practices to create sustainable and socially impactful outcomes. Our work extends beyond merely building structures; we cultivate thriving communities and emphasize our commitment to transforming construction for the greater good of people and the planet.

Catalyzing Value Creation for Tenants and Investors

CIO ingaged in an animated discussion with his team

In January 2021, 9606 Capital demonstrated its strategic foresight by acquiring the Hickory Hill industrial outdoor storage facility in Memphis. This move diversified our portfolio and established a crucial partnership with TJX Companies, Inc., the driving force behind renowned retailers such as TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and HomeGoods. In the heart of the pandemic-driven e-commerce boom, this property strategically positioned 9606 Capital as a key player in North American online retail logistics.

The facility soon became critical to TJX, a leader in the off-price retail sector. It enabled the efficient distribution of goods to satisfy the increasing demands of online shoppers. Its optimal location within a one-mile radius greatly enhanced its strategic importance, underlining the savvy of 9606 Capital's investment approach.

We Uncover Customer Value

Strategic Lease Renewal: Fostering a Proactive Partnership

As TJX’s lease approached its expiration in early 2021, 9606 Capital took a proactive stance: to renegotiate the lease ahead of time or wait, potentially capitalizing on higher market rates, driven by annual increases of 20-30% and market availability in Memphis below 3%. Opting to prioritize operational continuity for TJX amidst extensive supply chain disruptions, we initiated early engagement with TJX’s Asset Manager. This proactive approach underscored our commitment to long-term stability and partnerships over immediate financial gains.

Crafting Mutually Beneficial Agreements

The negotiations led to a renewed five-year lease with TJX, featuring a 20% increase in rent and additional extension options. This agreement fulfilled TJX’s operational requirements and yielded attractive returns for our investors, balancing tenant stability and maximizing financial returns. This successful negotiation, rooted in mutual benefit, is now a model for future interactions with tenants, emphasizing our focus on collaborative, value-driven relationships.

Achieving Optimal Value for Tenant and Investor

Demonstrating the Power of Collaboration

This fruitful collaboration with TJX exemplifies 9606 Capital's commitment to forging win-win partnerships. By maintaining open lines of communication and deeply understanding the needs of our tenants, we brokered a significant agreement that boosted investor confidence, culminating in a 22% cash-on-cash return by the end of 2021. Concurrently, TJX recorded unprecedented sales and net income, validating the effectiveness of 9606 Capital’s strategic leasing tactics in generating substantial value for all parties involved.

Elevating SME Growth with Specialized Real Estate Strategies

Strengthening the Economy's Backbone with Innovative Real Estate Solutions

Small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) play a crucial role in the U.S. economy, contributing 44% of its economic output and providing most of its jobs. However, these businesses often need help accessing the necessary resources to expand operations and enhance productivity.

We have specifically crafted our real estate portfolio to support SMEs generating revenues between $50 and $800 million. Unlike giant corporations, these businesses often lack critical site selection and design expertise—key factors that enhance workflow efficiency, employee engagement, and profitability. We fill this gap by providing the support SMEs need to prosper.

Igniting the Expansion of America's Economic Pillar

Custom Real Estate Solutions to Elevate SME Success

We dedicate ourselves to strengthening SMEs by delivering real estate solutions tailored to align their physical spaces with their strategic objectives. Our site selection, design, and development services actively improve operational efficiencies and foster a culture of innovation and collaboration, giving SMEs a competitive edge.

Empowering Success Through Our Support

Case Study: Transforming Logistics in Jacksonville

We developed a logistics facility near Boote Drive in Jacksonville, driven by the critical needs of SMEs for efficient, safe, and engaging workspaces. We made significant enhancements to increase operational efficiency and boost satisfaction and retention among employees and truck drivers.